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Why do you cry

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it has been a week.

Saturday I received a text,” Colin service to be next Saturday April 16.” it sent me into a fog..all day I had to face the music..he is gone. I have talked about him to family and friends all week, with little to zero emotion, probably just had not accepted, he is gone.

Last night, Sunday, it was late, Jude was supposed to be sleeping in his sleeping bag in isabelle’s room..he wandered out to go to the bathroom and stared hard at me when returning to bed, so I walked back in to tuck Jude in..again, rubbing his cheek,”I can’t stop thinking about the one lost in the forest, who is he..Cale or Colin..”Colin.” “Is he still lost ?” ” No, he is in Heaven.” “Is he dead.” “Yes, he is dead, we will see him again in Heaven. Jude cries and cries..”It is ok, it is ok.” “What is Heaven like ?” “Heaven is more beautiful than this earth.” “Will there be roads ?” “Yes.” “Jude, your spirit will be alive in Heaven, people will recognize it is you because your spirit will live. Jesus is there.

yesterday in church Pastor Delaney,text was John 21:15-25 .”FEED MY LAMBS.”

Sunday, April 3 i wrote out this song sang for offeratory ,sent to auntDana facebook message 12:10pm was midnight in Arshan,Russia. sister Linda, “love song over you” ..

Jehova’, Senor’ de los cielos. Jehova Senor de los cielos. Glorioso sea tu nombre-El Rey de los universos Y Redentor de los hombres. La lluvia en los arboles, Las alas de los angeles. Proclamaran’ tus bellezas, Pregonaran’ tus riquezas. Soy debil, Senor’ y ciego. Agobiado de horrores. Pecaminosos deseos. Y a partado de tus dones. Lib’erame de mi maldad. Bendi’ceme con tu bondad. Sostenme , Dios, en tu gracia. Amante dulce del alma. La morada de tu templo, Alumbrada con primores. Estrellas del firmamento. Y un manantial de colores.

Magn’animo en santidad. Esple’ndido en caridad.-Jehova’ , Senor’ de los cielos. Luz del camino eterno. ” JEHOVA. Lord of the heavens. Light of the eternal way


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