6 t trees

I am so proud of you. “I know mom.”

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Conference final was last night. Claudia placed 6th with a time 21:35.(! Her goal was 21:59. Isabelle 23:32.(! Her goal 23:30. Both sisters, personal best for the season.!!Uncle Josh Aunt Drea’ Londyn, g girl, Berry cousins both sets of Grandparents, My Lynch also came to Riverside Park. Very fun. Claudia three-way tie for All-Conference 6th place , she tied with the twin Asian sisters from GR Track club, today’s race she beat the twins. Saying goodnight as she nestled Nettie her giraffe and was stroking my hair I whispered in Claudia’s ear..”I am so proud of you. “I know mom. *melt.* After Isabelle retrieved bedtime water from the refrigerator spout we two embraced, I kissed her cheek. ” I am proud of you Isabelle.”

Hosea 13:9 “It is your destruction, O Israel, that You have been against Me, for in Me is your help.

God, in You is my help.


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