6 t trees

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back to Dominican Republic and final lunar tetrad blood moon

Good Morning..

Zechariah 13.

” IN THAT DAY there shall be a fountain opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem [to cleanse them from ] sin and unclean-ness. And in that day, says the Lord of hosts, I will cut off the names of the idols from the land, and they shall no more be remembered; and also I will remove from the land the [false] prophets and the unclean spirit. And if anyone again appears [ falsely] as a prophet, then his father and his mother who bore him shall say to him, You shall not live, for you speak lies in the name of the Lord; and his father and his mother who bore him shall thrust him through when he prophesies. And in that day the [false] prophets shall each be ashamed of his vision when he prophesies , nor will he wear a hairy or rough garment to deceive. But he will [ deny his identity and] say, I am no prophet. I am a tiller of the ground, for I have been made a bond servant from my youth. And one shall say to him, What are these wounds on your breast or between your hands ? Then he will answer, Those with which I was wounded [ when disciplined] in the house of my [ loving] friends. Awake, O sword, against My shepherd and against the man who is My associate, says the Lord of hosts ; smite the shepherd and the sheep [ of the flock] shall be scattered, and I will turn back My hand and stretch it out again upon the little ones [of the flock].[Matthew,26:31,32] And in all the land, says the Lord, two-thirds shall be cut off and perish, but one-third shall be left alive. [Hosea 2:23, Romans 11:5.] vs.9 “And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined and will test them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, and I will hear and answer them. I will say, It is My people; and they will say, The Lord is my God.


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leaves. brown golden leaves

well..this morning is the 1st day of school 2015 !

Hannah and Jude fell asleep nuzzled under my 2 forearms Sunday afternoon before they all left for the lake, and I to work. Will i remember this, my 2 little kids old but still cradled in my arms.? Hannah sweetly mentioned after she awakened that the sound of my heartbeat lured her to nap. I put my hand on the 2 older girls yet in the van and prayed what I pray over them everyday. Hannah and Jude jumped out after and then in a fallen moment hannah decided she wanted to walk around the sidewalks to MrsLameris room by herself-; we hugged , “Bye, mom”..she turned, onward march to 2nd grade ..her fingers slipped from mine, ..i watched her walk. Pink polka dot backpack , blue flower clip in her hair.

Mrs Thompson greeted Jude and I with a warm , wonderful smile and gave me a hug, Mrs Thompson held me . “Thank you”. Jude found his seat , name tag Jude T next to good buddy Xav. isabelle was to help claudia configure her locker combination, 7th gade- her first year inhabiting a middle school locker-; isabelle had a contacts appointment Saturday , tricky & frustrated she will ease in to contacts, she chose new glasses blue & brown big frames, they are beautiful. Isabelle is lovely, freckled, wonderful kid. ┬áSaturday night after dinner as a family we walked around the neighborhood, ‘our loop’..bats fly overhead Shenandoah house, the kids have hardly been given opportunities for/to study & spot the bat congregation that seem to prefer 2223. We tried and failed a for sale by owner deal 2x with woman named Tina, it was my fault for ‘rushing’ when maybe not our ‘time’. Mark is in charge, not me- seasons..i dont know where we are going, i don’t know if i really care, it is not my job to manage or dictate . I know it’s all good, and I trust.