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to everything –; a season

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This morning is the last day of school.; the 4 released at 12:00 noon.

To say it has been a ‘hard’ year..ha ! Found myself collecting ‘moments’ earlier this week (Heidi’s quiet time)..scrolling through the mass numbered pictures i snap of my children..’everything’ , from Claudia’s student council application paragraphs to a random of Isabelle pulling her coat over her chest on a dollar day no uniform morning..her outfit selection so very snazz ..my promptings to overly capture the kids feed from the panic, ” You will want to remember this..” A recent quote I learned, “People take pictures of things they are afraid of losing”..

This will be a great Summer.

Past Summers felt so ‘light and airy”..now, we as a family have ‘moved’ to see and reflect..” Where are we going, what are we doing, HOW can we get there..my aim *always is to teach a profound sense of purpose in my children. May their ‘passions’ DRIVE THEM. This season is not funny, it’s serious.

“To EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter ‘or’ purpose under heaven :” Ecclesiastes 3:1.


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